I'm using TypeScript in my Visual Studio Project. There are the following files:

  • Example.ts
  • Example.js.map
  • Example.js

To Debug the TypeScript code in Chrome it is necessary to have this as the last line in the .js file

//# sourceMappingURL=Example.js.map

But sometimes Visual Studio removes this line, and sometimes it adds it. Everytime changing and saving the .ts file it removes the sourceMapping line. When I build the whole project over Build -> Build "Project Name" it adds the sourcemapping line.

On the project configuration under TypeScript Build -> Generate source maps is enabled. Compile on save is also enabled.

It would be nice that Visual Studio does not remove the sourcemapping after changing and saving the .ts file.


I've found the solution to fix this behaviour. Need to add this to csproj file:


Example here

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