I'm an administrator of a phabricator installation. How can I add some roles to configure permissions? Such as setting a new user group, en/disabled some buttons/functions etc.


Phabricator doesn't really have roles. Instead, if you want to group your users, you would group them with a project. Then you would grant access to areas of the application to that project. When the employee is re-assigned, add them to the new project. If they get a promotion (i.e. developer to Sr. developer) they may have new privileges and responsibilities; add them to a 'project' that reflects what they should be allowed to do.

  • What does this mean:" This object has a custom policy controlling who can take this action" ? How to do this ? For example : phabricator.kde.org – H. Chen Feb 12 '17 at 8:49
  • Well, there are User, Bot, Administrator and Mailing list roles, but the answer is correct. – Valerio Bozz Nov 10 at 14:55

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