If I have the following script (that just prints the first argument to the console):

@if (@X)==(@Y) @end /* JScript comment
    @echo off
    cscript //E:JScript //nologo "%~f0" %*
    exit /b %errorlevel%
@if (@X)==(@Y) @end JScript comment */


And I try something like

C:\>test.bat "//test"

I get the following error

Input Error: Unknown option "//test" specified.

Despite the quotes.It is taken as an option to the the windows script host. How can pass an argument that starts with //. Named arguments?

cscript //E:JScript //nologo "%~f0" // %*

Pass a double slash to end the cscript own argument parsing.

note: I don't know if it is documented anywhere, but tested on windows 7 and 10

Test script:

Option Explicit

Dim argument

    For Each argument In WScript.Arguments
        WScript.Echo "argument: " & argument

    For Each argument In WScript.Arguments.Named
        WScript.Echo "Named: " & argument

    For Each argument In WScript.Arguments.UnNamed
        WScript.Echo "UnNamed: " & argument

Output (sorry, spanish locale):

W:\>cscript //nologo test.vbs //test
Error de entrada: Opción desconocida "//test" especificada.

W:\>cscript //nologo test.vbs // //test /one two
argument: //test
argument: /one
argument: two
Named: /test
Named: one
UnNamed: two

W:\>cscript test.vbs // //nologo //test /one two
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host versión 5.812
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. Reservados todos los derechos.

argument: //nologo
argument: //test
argument: /one
argument: two
Named: /nologo
Named: /test
Named: one
UnNamed: two

  • Wow. Great hack! I didn't saw this documented anywhere, but I'll check again – npocmaka Feb 7 '17 at 13:20

It works with named arguments after all.



cscript myscript.wsf /test:"//test"

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