I've got a post on my site running WP 4.7.2 with permalink http://www.pimpf.ru/discography/depeche-mode/video/101/ and dirty link http://www.pimpf.ru/?p=1780.

Any of the above links lead to http://www.pimpf.ru/discography/depeche-mode/video/video-singles-collection/101/.

It seems WP adds video-singles-collection/ between video/ and 101 due to some MySQL error.

Where should I dig my WP database to correct this error?

So far I've tried to delete the 101 post and create the new one, and rename its permalink to 101-video. Both with no result.


It could be because your faulty post's permanent link contains only digits. Try to rename it to something like one-zero-one or 1o1. That should help.

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    Both your variants work. Thank you very much! Strangely I've renamed the post to 101-video again and now it opens correctly. May be it required some interim renames, who knows. But renaming it back to 101 end up with the wrong post, so it is definitely the digits only problem. Thank you. – Pimpfru Feb 7 '17 at 13:57

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