I have a test instantiating some entities, saving them to MongoDB and loading them again to make sure the mapping works corretly. I'd like to use the @DataMongoTest annotation on the test class to make sure an embedded MongoDB instance is dynamically created.

This worked just fine until I had to introduce custom converters (org.springframework.core.convert.converter.Converter) for some classes. These are set up like this:

public class MyClassReadConverter implements Converter<Document, MyClass> {

public class MyClassWriteConverter implements Converter<MyClass, Document> {

public class SpringMongoSetup extends AbstractMongoConfiguration {
    public Mongo mongo() throws Exception {
        //I don't want that in the test..
        return new MongoClient("localhost"); 

    public CustomConversions customConversions() {
        // ..but I need this
        List<Converter<?,?>> converters = new ArrayList<>();
        converters.add(new MyClassWriteConverter());
        converters.add(new MyClassReadConverter());
        return new CustomConversions(converters);

For normal (non-test) execution this works just fine. The test also works if I use the @SpringBootTest annotation which makes the test use my configuration. Unfortunately, this configuration also defines the host/port for MongoDB, but I'd like to use the host/port of the embedded MongoDB started by @DataMongoTest.

Can I somehow configure it so that either @DataMongoTest uses the custom converters with the embedded MongoDB, or that I can get the embedded host/port while instantiating my configuration class?

This question has an open bounty worth +50 reputation from FazoM ending in 18 hours.

The current answers do not contain enough detail.

Still no answer on how to test custom converter with in memory @DataMongoTest

  • To give more context to this old question - is there a way to separate connection string and mongo converters configuration? Can you have one without another during testing using possibly in-memory db? Or does it have to be integration test with a real db? – FazoM Jul 12 at 11:19

If you are using slicing we will disable all scanning that isn't relevant to Mongo. We have no way to know that your SpringMongoSetup is related to Mongo so, since we don't scan it, it's not applied.

If you do not rely on the auto-configuration for Mongo, you'll have to import that class yourself. You can do so with @Import, e.g.

public class MyMongoTest { ... }
  • That also uses the host/ip configured in SpringMongoSetup. (I omited the @Override public Mongo mongo() {..} part in the question, because it's mandatory for AbstractMongoConfiguration - I have edited it now) How can I override that to use the embedded MongoDB launched by @DataMongoTest? – Jiří Kraml Feb 8 '17 at 7:42

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