I am currently working on a web development project and I am having a problem in implementing UI-router (AngularJS).

I want to set a default state when the page loads and also default state for the child view.

If I use abstract:true method that is not the solution because when I want to again active that state it won't be possible.


Hope this will give you answer to your Question

var App = angular.module('TechdefeatApp',['ui.router']);
App.config(['$stateProvider', '$urlRouterProvider', function($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider){
    // For any unmatched url, send to /business

    .state('/', {
        url: "/",
        templateUrl: "app/components/home/homeView.html",
    .state('member', {
        url: "/member/:seo_url",
        templateUrl: "app/components/member/memberView.html",
    .state('category', {
        url: "/category/:seo_url", 
        templateUrl: "app/components/category/categoryView.html",

  • yes, I did the same. It works fine for the parent default state, but I want to set default state of the child too. For ex. when I click on member button a view is created and in that view, there are more buttons that open a nested view. How to set that default nested state(For all states)? – Shubham Verma Feb 8 '17 at 18:23

you need to use at $urlRouterProvider service, first inject this service, after that write $urlRouterProvider.otherwise('/otherwise').

Pay attention that the /otherwise url must be defined on a state as usual:

$stateProvider .state("otherwise", { url : '/otherwise'...})

good luck!

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