In python you can do something like this to let you use a shortened module name:

>>> import tensorflow as tf

From then on you can refer to tf, instead of having to type tensorflow everywhere.

Is something like this possible in Juila?


Yep, you can just assign the module to a new name.

import JSON
const J = JSON

J.print(Dict("Hello, " => "World!"))

I highly recommend to use the const because otherwise there will be a performance penalty. (With the const, there is no performance penalty.)


If you do this constantly and really like the familiar syntax maybe you should use the package ImportMacros, which enables the following:

julia> @import tensorflow as tf

Just install the package with

julia> using Pkg; Pkg.add("ImportMacros")

and add using ImportMacros to your .juliarc.jl to load the package at the start of every session automatically.

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