I am a lone developer working on many projects simultaneously, and keeping all these bugs in my head has become burdonsome. I've been using some "task" websites to manage my bugs for a while now, and it's been relatively sufficient. However, my current project just exploded in scope and now I need something way more robust. I currently use Mercurial and BitBucket for my version control and repo respectively, so I was hoping someone knew of something that integrated with those. At the very least, I'm looking for a free bug tracking system.

PS: aware of this question but I couldn't find anything with HG integration.



If you are a lone developer you can just sign up for FogBugz startup edition for free: http://www.fogcreek.com/FogBugz/StudentAndStartup.html

  • yeah, i just found this literally three seconds ago and have already made a mess in my pants. i've been using fbz for the past year and am super familiar with it. joyous day! – Jason Nov 18 '10 at 2:05
  • 1
    The best part is that Klin (their distributed version control) works with Mercurial, which you mentioned you use. so win win. – J Lee Nov 18 '10 at 2:16
  • 2
    yah... maybe i don't need bitbucket after all! – Jason Nov 18 '10 at 2:24
  • You can't have public projects on Kiln, other than that Kiln is superior to bitbucket in almost every way. – Lasse V. Karlsen Nov 18 '10 at 8:34
  • @Lasse: Don't worry, public repos will be coming to Kiln very soon. – tghw Nov 19 '10 at 4:13

What about bitbucket itself? ;-) It uses some issue manager integrated.

alt text



I generally set up Bugzilla which is free, and you can do Mercurial integration via an extension. I believe that extension should install with Mercurial by default, but I don't actively use it so I can't say for sure. I don't know of a way to integrate BitBucket and Bugzilla though.

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