I'm using Sphinx 2.0.5 and while I call indexer through PHP, Im getting error Sphinx:Server sent charset unknown to the client. Please, report to the developers. What can be the problem ?

Server PHP version is 5.6.30

Only problem occurs when trying to connect Sphinx using mysql or mysqli via PHP.

$link = mysqli_connect ( "", "root", "", "", 9306 ) or sendErrorMail(array("subject"=>"Failed to connect to sphinx ","sql"=>"","error"=> mysqli_connect_error()));


$link = mysql_connect ( "", "", "" ) or sendErrorMail(array("subject"=>"Failed to connect to sphinx","sql"=>"","error"=> mysql_error()));

Is the a requirement of any configuration changes ? What am I missing ? Can anyone help ?

Below code works fine :

    $cl = $this->sphinxclient;
    $result = $cl->Query('','indexerName');

In linux Sphinx gets connected properly using below command :

mysql -h -P 9306


Got it solved. Probably this occurs with PHP version > 5.4. In Sphinx Installation Bundle there is a file "searchd.cpp". Over there server language is specified as \x00 change it to \x21 and reinstall sphinx. Problem will be solved.

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