How do I compare two different branches in Visual Studio Code?

Is it possible?

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    No, but you should look for or file a feature request on github. Feb 8, 2017 at 16:51

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2021 answer

Here is the step by step guide:

  1. Install the GitLens extension: GitLens
  2. Then, Click on Source Control:

Source Control

  1. Click on Search & Compare

Click on Search & Compare

  1. Click on Compare References

Compare References

  1. Select the branches you want to compare:

Select Branches

  1. Now, You can select any file for which you want to see the diff from Search & Compare

View Diff

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    This has to be one of these best extensions for VSCode. Nice features! I can even edit the appropriate files once I get to this point in split mode.
    – klewis
    Jan 18, 2020 at 5:30
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    Note that, there are actually two steps in step 4.: select branch A and select branch B to compare with.
    – Louis Yang
    Apr 22, 2020 at 1:29
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    F1 > gitlens: compare is helpful if you don't like the sidebar
    – gebbissimo
    Nov 16, 2021 at 10:37
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    Before you compare the branches, make sure you pull both the branches. If this step is missed then there may be unexpected files or content during comparison. Mar 22, 2022 at 15:11
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    @openCivilisation Maybe try running git fetch --all to fetch all remote branches? May 25, 2022 at 9:50

Update: As of November, 2020, Gitlens appears within VSCode's builtin Source Control Panel

I would recommend to use: Git Lens.

enter image description here

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    To add some details on usage, the way I found to compare branches in Git Lens is to; Open the Explorer view (Ctrl + Shift + E), find the Git Lens group, right click the branch you want to compare and select 'Select for Compare',then right click the second branch and select 'Compare with Selected'. The results will show up as a seperate group called GitlensResults below Git Lens. There you can look at commits and compare files directly.
    – Vidar
    Apr 19, 2018 at 19:20
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    I learned of GitLens last year (2017) and was impressed immediately. The GitLens view at the bottom you select the branch you want to compare, and then find the branch you want to compare it against as stated above "Compare with Selected" - and then you get to select the individual files that show up as changed/added between the two. This extension is the first one I install on a new install of VSCode. I rely on it. Nov 13, 2018 at 16:44
  • I would like to compare current working tree with certain branch, and edit files directly. GitLens allows me to Save as... the actual file, but I need to find it first. Is there a more convenient way? In IntelliJ's IDEA I just click an arrow and move those changes... Jan 21, 2019 at 9:11
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    GitLens is so easy to use, it is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.
    – R.F
    Mar 15, 2019 at 3:51
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    Best answer I was struggling to get Git History Diff to work and this one is SO EASY to use. Cannot recommend enough thanks for the info!
    – Lostaunaum
    Aug 28, 2019 at 15:40

Use the Git History Diff plugin for easy side-by-side branch diffing:


Visit the link above and scroll down to the animated GIF image titled Diff Branch. You'll see you can easily pick any branch and do side-by-side comparison with the branch you are on! It is like getting a preview of what you will see in the GitHub Pull Request. For other Git stuff I prefer Visual Studio Code's built-in functionality or Git Lens as others have mentioned.

However, the above plugin is outstanding for doing branch diffing (i.e., for those doing a rebase Git flow and need to preview before a force push up to a GitHub PR).



Now it's available:


Until now it isn't supported, but you can follow the thread for it: GitHub


If you just want to view the changes to a particular file between the working copy and a particular commit using GitLens, the currently accepted answer can make it difficult to find the file you're interested in if many files have changed between the versions.

Instead, if the file is open, right click on the file's tab (or, if it's not currently open, go to the file explorer in the side bar and right click on the file), then go to Commit Changes > Open Changes with Revision... (or Open Changes with Branch or Tag...).

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    Exactly what i was looking for (compare 1 file between 2 branches), Thank you !
    – rdhainaut
    May 5, 2021 at 10:36
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    This is also just what I needed. One minor point: the "Open Changes" option is available when right clicking on the file in the Source Control panel, rather than the File Explorer panel (and after installing the Git Lens extension I think).
    – ianinini
    Jan 9, 2022 at 23:31

It's now possible by using the githistory extension.

Here's a small trick though: You can compare the latest commits from each branch and that would be the same as comparing two branches side by side or creating a PR.

Here's how to do that using githistory extension:

  1. Open githistory
  2. Pick the latest commit from your current branch by clicking on "Git Commit Icon" → (Usually it should be latest commit it the list). From the opened dropdown menu click on "Select this commit".
  3. Pick the latest commit from the branch you want to compare to by clicking "Git Commit Icon".
  4. As a result, the dropdown should appear with a few options → Select the last option that says "Compare with SHA" and you'll see the diff.

This is possible (and much simpler) without GitLens, using only the Git Graph plugin.

With your Git Graph open, click on the first commit you want to compare, and then Ctrl/Cmd + Click on your second commit. Both lines will be highlighted. The commit details will now display all differences between A and commit B, allowing you to compare any two commits across branches or from the same branch.

enter image description here Source: Git Graph extension page


In the 11.0.0 version released in November 2020, GitLens views are now by default all placed under the source control tab in VSCode, including the Search & Compare view which has the compare branches functionality:

Compare working branch

It can be changed back to the side bar layout in GitLens settings:

Layout settings

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    May 2022, gitlens installed, still I can't see the "Search & Compare" view May 23, 2022 at 7:48

I typically want to compare the current checked out state with some other branch, often master. As I like using keyboard shortcuts, the easiest way I found (compiled from the various answers already present):

  1. Press ctrl/cmd-P, to open the VSC command palette
  2. Start typing 'git compare'. The following options appear: enter image description here
  3. Select 'Compare HEAD with...' (or any other that better suits your use-case)
  4. In the dialog box that appears, select the desired branch, e.g. master enter image description here
  5. Check the result in the 'Search & Compare' window (typically, bottom-left). Expand the arrows as needed, e.g. to see the files that are different, or the Behind/Ahead to see the list of commits. enter image description here

If instead you want to compare two specific branches (and not the checked out one), select 'Compare References...' in step 3. After that you can select the 2 branches/tags/commits/...

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