I registered a EventType.PROGRESS listener along with a EventType.COMPLETElistener to a XhrIo object. I call the XhrIo.send method post some form data. The COMPLETE listener fires as expected. But the PROGRESS listener never seems to fire (I also tried UPLOAD_PROGRESS, DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS, and INCREMENTAL_DATA, but no luck).

I searched for code examples but (surprisingly) couldn't find any.

Has anyone ever used the google closure EventType.PROGRESS successfully before?

  • How do you register the event listener? – rds Feb 11 '17 at 17:16
  • Also, what browsers are you using? – rds Feb 11 '17 at 17:19

This is supposed to work:

goog.events.listen(xhr, goog.net.EventType.PROGRESS,
  (progressEvent) => {
    console.log('Downloaded ' + progressEvent.loaded + '/' + progressEvent.total);

How about creating a new XhrIo instance and accessing the original xhr object via the xhr_ property? Then it's possible to listen to the progress event, and report on progress. On my localhost, I get strange results when sending data i.e., the loaded is just some numbers and total is 0.

const xhr = goog.net.XhrIo.send('/api/upload/test-api', () => {
  const obj = xhr.getResponseJson()
}, 'POST', base64encoded)
goog.events.listen(xhr.xhr_, 'progress', ({ event_ }) => {
   console.log('Uploaded ' + event_.loaded + '/' + event_.total)

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