I want to use a public aws keypair .pem file for running ansible playbooks. I want to do this without changing my ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and I can't create a new keypair from my current ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub and apply it to the ec2 instances I am trying to change.

$ ansible --version
ansible 1.9.6
  configured module search path = None

Here is my hosts file (note that my actual ip is replaced with This is probably the issue since I need a way to set a public key variable and use that:

ansible_ssh_private_key_file = ./mykeypair.pem

[dashboard] dashboard_domain=my.domain.info 

Here is my playbook:

- hosts: dashboard
  gather_facts: False
  remote_user: ubuntu

    - name: ping

This is the command I am using to run it:

ansible-playbook -i ./hosts test.yml

It results in the following error:

fatal: [] => SSH Error: Permission denied (publickey).
    while connecting to

There is no problem with my keypair:

$ ssh -i mykeypair.pem ubuntu@ 'whoami'

What am I doing wrong?

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    Please revert edits to the question – bring back original hosts file. – Konstantin Suvorov Feb 9 '17 at 6:12

Ok little mistakes I guess you can't have spaces in host file variables and need to define the group you are applying the vars to. This hosts file works with it all:


[dashboard] dashboard_domain=my.domain.info 
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I have come across this and all what I had to do was to run the below

#ssh-agent bash
#ssh-add ~/.ssh/keypair.pem
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  • This should be the accepted answer. It keeps authorization information out of the hosts file. – matthewatabet Apr 8 at 17:54

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