I assumed this would be easy, but I'm not finding anything on it...

I have a project in TFS 2010, which needs to be moved to a new TFS 2015 server. Apparently the project cannot simply be moved normally because it's using a different project template which is not compatible and causes errors when trying to migrate (so I'm told - I don't have any more details on this).

I'm looking for a way to bring over the changesets, keeping history, to the new server. I assumed there was some kind of "dump" where you could export the TFS changesets, then import them into the new server into an empty project - but I'm not finding that option.

TFS Integration is deprecated and apparently doesn't work for TFS2015, with no alternative listed.

I'm open to other creative options like temporarily exporting to a different version control system - for example, I've looked at SVNBridge, but I can't even get that working, let alone figure out if it would help here.

Is there a way to migrate all changesets for a given project and keep history, without migrating the entire project?

  • You have to migrate just a single project and can't migrate the entire team project collection? Git-TFS would probably serve your purpose here. – Daniel Mann Feb 8 '17 at 22:38

There is no default way to migrate changesets in TFS, you would need 3rd party tool, like OpsHub (some features are not free), to migrate the most commonly requested data. Check: http://www.opshub.com/products/opshub-visual-studio-migration-utility/

Or you may consider doing a upgrade from TFS 2010 to TFS 2015, which is a full data transfer. To understand factors that affect your upgrade's compexity, check the requirements and review the upgrade process.

Learn if a dry run makes sense for you, and weigh the benefits and the costs to perform a pre-production upgrade.

When you're ready to upgrade, minimize downtime with the TfsPreUpgrade tool - especially for very large TFS collection databases (> 1 TB). Follow these steps for how to upgrade TFS.

  • Ouch, a $10K price tag on that utility - looks like the free edition doesn't support regular in-house TFS-to-TFS migration. And I'm not in a position to change the upgrade process - that was already done by another team last year - so I think I'll keep looking. Thanks for the info - looks like it could definitely be helpful if things were a little different. – Joe Enos Feb 9 '17 at 14:39

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