Is it possible to insert a frontend plugin to a page without having a template (and markers) included?

Normally I use:

10.marks {
    CONTENT_LEFT < plugin.tx_xy_p1

But in a new project I dont want to have a template file where the markers (###CONTENT_LEFT###) are included. The plugin should appear as the only thing on that page.

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If all you want is the plugin, simply create a sparkingly fresh root template with the standard page object of type PAGE, and insert plugin content there.

Create a new page with rootflag etc, and maybe the static files for your plugin, if needed. In the setup field enter your adaption of this:

page = PAGE
page.10 < plugin.tt_news

You might of course need to add more, depending on your needs, but this should be the principle (and it works, I tested just now). :-)


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