I am running below query:

MERGE INTO college_for_mrg AS T USING college AS S ON clg_name = clg_name 
WHEN MATCHED AND clg_id > 5 
THEN UPDATE SET clg_loc = "ind" 
THEN INSERT VALUES(2,"sd","dsd","dsfs");

Both the tables support acid properties.

I have also tried table name as database_name.table_name in query but still its giving the same error.

error: FAILED: ParseException line 3:0 cannot recognize input near 'MERGE' 'INTO' 'college_for_mrg'


The JIRA ticket status is "IN PROGRESS"

add support for MERGE statement

However it seems the development has finished recently

Lefty Leverenz added a comment - 13/Jan/17 09:48
At this point MERGE is fully functional

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