As we know, the android demo of tensorflow is multi-thread. So how can I change it to the single-thread mode?

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There's no way to do this from Java right now. A value for intra-op parallelism is automatically picked in local_device.cc matching the number of cores detected on your device. If you just want to test, you could overwrite the value there.

Inter-op parallelism is currently always 1 on mobile -- only one op runs at a time.

More generally in native code intra and inter op parallism can be set when creating your Session object. e.g.:

tensorflow::SessionOptions options;
tensorflow::ConfigProto& config = options.config;
Session session = tensorflow::NewSession(options); 

This will override the automatically picked value. See benchmark_model.cc for an example.

If you want to set this from Java, you would have to add a parameter to TensorFlowInferenceInterface.initializeTensorFlow().

We're switching to the Java API soon, though, so it will be easier to access the SessionOptions to set the value then.


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