I'm new to this topic and I don't really understand the Matlab documentation when it comes to classification trees.

I want to create a decision tree that takes a matrix and returns a binary value for each column (sample vector) of the matrix. The decision should be determined by some features of the sample vector (e.g maximum of sample vector > 1.2*average maximum of other sample vectors => return 1).

I know this could be done by a normal function as well but I want the threshold to be variable, e.g. I want to somehow learn it with another set of sample vectors for which I already have the binary outputs. I would really appreciate any kind of help with this example

  • well, this is how it generally goes...In supervised learning you use training data (variables values) with known labels (1,0) to create a (parametric) model. In this case the model will be the decision tree which you can apply to predict labels of unseen variables. Check MATLAB documentation and examples – Roxanne Feb 9 '17 at 12:57
  • I asked because I had hoped for some example other than the documentation ones (had problems understanding them just by reading) but I think I figured out the basic principle on my own now. 2 things which I still need help with would be: 1. How to change the PredictorNames? In my case it says they are read-only. 2. How to improve/extent an existing tree with additional training samples? – J. Doe Feb 10 '17 at 16:21

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