Is it possible to create CLR stored procedure in SQL Server CLR project having input parameterof type nvarchar(max)?

If you define stored procedure:

<Microsoft.SqlServer.Server.SqlProcedure()> _
Public Shared Sub MyProcedure(ByVal param1 As String)

Then when you deploy it, param1 is of type NVarchar(4000). Is there a way to have it NVarchar(max)?


You can use the SqlFacet attribute. If you want the NVARCHAR(MAX) type as a parameter, then you should do this:

public static void storedProcedure1([SqlFacet(MaxSize=-1)] String param){ .. }

If you need it as a return value in a user defined function:

public static String userFunction1(){ ... }

The MaxSize=-1 indicates that the size of the NVARCHAR will be MAX.


Define your parameter to be of type SqlChars, instead of string. See Handling Large Object Parameters in the CLR

  • Hi Damien. Through no fault of your own, this answer is now obsolete and meaningless. It was only that early versions of Visual Studio / SSDT had defaulted SqlChars to map to NVARCHAR(MAX) and SqlString to map to NVARCHAR(4000). Starting in at least VS 2012, I think both SqlString and SqlChars map to NVARCHAR(MAX). Also, even in those early days, the preferred method of indicating the T-SQL datatype options was via the SqlFacet attribute (as shown in Guillermo's answer). May 3 '18 at 23:56

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