We have a PR everything it's ok, except 1 commit, it is possible to just merge everything except a specific commit?

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    Revert that commit in branch then do the merge. Works for you?
    – Sangharsh
    Feb 9, 2017 at 18:07
  • Another option is to reject the PR and ask for a new PR without that commit.
    – ElpieKay
    Feb 10, 2017 at 3:04

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If the commit you want to skip is the last commit in the branch, you can just merge its parent.

branch ...   A --- B --- C
            /       \
master ... O   ...   git merge branch^

If it's not, you can git cherry-pick each commit aside from the bad one. A shortcut for this is to use git rebase -i and delete the line you don't want.

branch ...   A --- B --- C
master ... O ...

$ git rebase -i master branch
(inside editor)
pick 0123456789 A  (delete this line)
pick 3456789abc B
pick 6789abcdef C
(save and exit)

branch ...        B' --- C'
master ... O ...

You could also merge and then revert the commit.

$ git merge branch
$ git revert A

branch ...   A --- B --- C
            /             \
master ... O      ...      merge --- ∀

Or revert in the branch and then merge.

$ git checkout branch
$ git revert A
$ git checkout master
$ git merge branch

branch ...   A --- B --- C --- ∀
            /                   \
master ... O         ...         merge

You can merge the branch in the working tree, and revert the unwanted commit before committing.

git merge --no-commit branch
git revert --no-commit unwanted_commit
git commit -m "Merged branch (except unwanted_commit)"

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