I installed php7.0.15/apache2.4.25/phpMyAdmin via xampp, but it turns out that the extensions xsl and intl are missing (need them to run Magento2).
I'm using Windows 8.1.

Both files php_xsl.dll and php_intl.dll exist in xampp/php/ext and I tried deleting the related ";" from extension=.. from in php.ini,

re-saving the php.ini and restarting apache server;

also copied in apache/bin folder the icu*.dll files from php;

BUT no success with that: still missing with magento2 Readiness Check. Have any advise?


I have two suggestions for you---


Are you restarting the apache as administrator as I forget to do that most of the time.


Check your environment variable path. Did you set it properly.

Hope this can help!

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