I am importing emails with attachments and then save them to a temp folder. The problem is that once the file gets saved to it's final directory, it does not have an extension.

How can I get the attachment's file-extension and then append it to the filename?

/* iterate through each attachment and save it */
foreach($attachments as $attachment)
    if($attachment['is_attachment'] == 1)
        $filename = $overview[0]->subject;
        if(empty($filename)) $filename = $attachment['filename'];

        if(empty($filename)) $filename = time() . ".dat";

        /* prefix the email number to the filename in case two emails
         * have the attachment with the same file name.
        $fp = fopen('./'.$holidex.'/'.$email_number."-".$filename, "w+");
        fwrite($fp, $attachment['attachment']);

  • What the variable $attachments content? Could you print it? – Calos Kao Feb 10 '17 at 6:24

Use pathinfo

$file_ext = ".".pathinfo($file['name'], PATHINFO_EXTENSION);


try this explode the filename and get the extension

$temp = explode(".", $attachment['filename']);

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