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send mail

so on clik on send mail it will send auto mail to some one like mymail@.com


The mailto link has the purpose of opening your default e-mail provider on your computer with the address that has been set, but it does not send e-mails.

If what you have in mind is a form in which someone can write a message and then automatically send an e-mail, then you need to have a back-end application behind your HTML page capable of doing this. For example, if you have a PHP server with a library like PHPMailer, you could be able to do that as long as you develop a class able to perform such task.


I agree with Pedro Chiiip. It would be rather complicated to just set up an automatic email sending link with just HTML.. You would almost definitely require some sort of JavaScript or PHP. However, if you are designing the website for business use, the Mailto: function would be efficient. Whereas, if you are designing it for personal use, then I suggest creating an email form.

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