Windows 7, Emacs 25.1

I need to spell check "on fly" for my custom text (e.g. to emphasize the incorrect words). But I write text in two languages: English and Russian. And I want easy to switch between spell checking for 2 languages.

What is the best emacs package for this? Thanks.


You want this: guess_language.el

(use-package guess-language         ; Automatically detect language for Flyspell
  :ensure t
  :defer t
  :init (add-hook 'text-mode-hook #'guess-language-mode)
  (setq guess-language-langcodes '((en . ("en_GB" "English"))
                                   (it . ("it_IT" "Italian")))
        guess-language-languages '(en it)
        guess-language-min-paragraph-length 45)
  :diminish guess-language-mode)

Alternatively if you just want to cycle through them:

(defvar mu-languages-ring nil "Languages ring for Ispell")

(let ((languages '("en_GB" "it_IT")))
  (validate-setq mu-languages-ring (make-ring (length languages)))
  (dolist (elem languages) (ring-insert mu-languages-ring elem)))

(defun mu-cycle-ispell-languages ()
  (let ((language (ring-ref mu-languages-ring -1)))
    (ring-insert mu-languages-ring language)
    (ispell-change-dictionary language)))

These should work with FlySpell

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