I've been searching for a way to get cucumberjs report to output junit xml. I know that there's a bunch of npm modules that does this. However, they are NOT doing it how I want them to. They are splitting up each step as test case, but I would like for each test case to be a scenario instead.

I did find this; but as I continue reading this post I am not sure if this feature was added to cucumberjs it self or not. Then somewhere someone wrote that cucumberjs did allow for custom formatters. I went to read the documentation on this here.

I also looked at the example but the example was how to run a test on the custom formatter not how to add/use a custom formatter.

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Couple month ago I stuck with same problem. To cut long story short I decide that I didn't found any appropriate solution, so I wrote own formatter. You just can install cucumber-junit-formatter from npm. As I understand from your question this formatter will covers you needs.

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