Just upgraded an app from V12 to V13 - text change in help only. Works fine.

Go up upload it to dev. console and it will not publish the new APK, says:

"This configuration cannot be published for the following reason(s): Version 12 is not served to any device configuration: all devices that might receive version 12 would receive version 13."

What is it talking about? V12 was published for 40K+ devices, I've just done exactly the same thing to three other apps with no problem, but this one won't have it.

No idea what it means. All I can do is save it as draft.


I think it is known problem of Google developer console.

Please see this answer


When you upload a new version of an app, you need to manually deactivate the previous version, until you do, the dev console won't let you publish the new state.


Both answers above equally good. I had tried the second one and it didn't work. Went back a few hours later, still didn't work, did the second answer again, and it did. Very strange ....

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