I participated in the Affectiva Hackathon, when their license was the 30 day free trial. I was excited to hear they have changed to allow those not trying to sell a free license. However, when I tried to convert to the updated free license when I try to launch the android app on my phone: "Unfortunately, Good Vibes has stopped." Good vibes is the app name.

I have followed the steps outlined on Affectiva's web page

However, I kept everything at 3.0.1 rather than 3.2.0, as I developed the app and it worked fine using the 3.0.1, and I'm just trying to get it back up and running with the updated license.

I believe the issue is that I need a new actual license file. In the original app I had a mylicensefile.license stored in my app/src/main/assets/Affdex directory. This stored the expiration date information and it was incorporated in the code like this:

camDetector = new CameraDetector(context,CameraDetector.CameraType.CAMERA_FRONT, cameraPreview);
String licensePath="mylicensefile.license";

So, my question is where do I get another license file? I don't see that anywhere in the instructions.


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The Android SDK can be used without a license since v3.1.1. I would suggest upgrading to the latest version. This states that the license API's have been deprecated. You can check on the developer-portal to figure out if you qualify for a free license.

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