I am trying to turn on and turn off postgresql enable_nestloop for a single query in activerecord using raw SQL. Here is the command

 class Segment < ApplicationRecord
   def self.count_payload_kind

     s = "

       SET LOCAL enable_nestloop = off;

       SELECT count(*)
       FROM   segments s
       WHERE  s.payload @> '[{\"kind\":\"person\"}]';

       SET LOCAL enable_nestloop = on;



When I call ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(s).to_a, it doesn't return any record and throws no error. However, it works correctly if i remove the 2 calls to SET LOCAL enable_nestloop

How can I turn enable_nestloop on and off for one query.

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From my testing on Rails 4.2.6 and postgresql 9.5.4, wrapping the call in a transaction might work.

result = ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do
  ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("SET LOCAL enable_nestloop = off;")
  r = ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("
    SELECT count(*)
      FROM projects
     WHERE active;
  ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("SET LOCAL enable_nestloop = on;")

=> ["1"]

SQL output

(4.3ms)  BEGIN
(6.8ms)  SET LOCAL enable_nestloop = off;
  SELECT count(*)
    FROM projects
   WHERE active;

(3.1ms)  SET LOCAL enable_nestloop = on;
(3.0ms)  COMMIT
  • Many thanks. It works. Tried awarding the bounty and it said I should wait for 7hours. I will award it once the time has elapsed.
    – brg
    Feb 13, 2017 at 23:38

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