in a unix command such as find ./ -size 1033c I understand what the find all of the size is doing but i tried looking at the man pages as well as on line and I couldn't find as to why there is a 'c' after the 1033, I am sorry if this has been asked before I tried finding the answer to this, but failed.


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It's a suffix meaning characters (or bytes).

The -size stanza of the find command allows you to do stuff like 10k and 1m (for sizes of 10,240 and 1,048,576 bytes respectively). The c (and b) is just a identity multiplier (i.e., 1).

See here for more detail (search for -size).



  • b – for 512-byte blocks (this is the default if no suffix is used)
  • c – for bytes
  • w – for two-byte words
  • k – for Kilobytes (units of 1024 bytes)
  • M – for Megabytes (units of 1048576 bytes)
  • G – for Gigabytes (units of 1073741824 bytes)


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