I use $elementMatch to query on user collection:

  counter() {
    return Meteor.users.find({
      accounts: {
        $elementMatch: {
          bal: {
            $exists: false

This query works fine on server, but on client I only get below error. What could be wrong?

Exception in template helper: Error: Unrecognized operator: $elementMatch ...
  • As MasterM write bellow, maybe you have a typo in the code: $elemMatch instead of $elementMatch. The mongodb documentation notice that If you specify only a single <query> condition in the $elemMatch expression, you do not need to use $elemMatch. – Jean RAKOTOZAFY Feb 11 '17 at 12:17

On the client, Meteor uses MiniMongo, which implements a subset of the MongoDB operators.

Are you sure that you did not mean $elemMatch, which was implemented in MiniMongo in v0.7.2? I am wondering how this is working on the server.

Anyway, since you only have a single criterion, you don't really need it as it is.

Some of the operators are not implemented, and I cannot find any reference to any called $elementMatch.

Those incompatibilities are documented in the Notes file. There are limitations to what $elemMatch can do on the client, but it does not seem to apply to your case.

Unsupported selectors:

  • $elemMatch inside $all
  • geoqueries other than $near ($nearSphere, $geoIntersects, $geoWithin)

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