I'm trying to make a dynamic query to get data, like follwing:

query = request.GET.get('q')
kwargs = { '{0}__{1} '.format('first_name','icontains'):query}
if query:
    players_list = players_list.filter(Q(**kwargs)).distinct()

then I got this error:

Unsupported lookup 'icontains ' for CharField or join on the field not permitted.

If I replaced this line kwargs = { '{0}__{1} '.format('first_name','icontains'):query}

with this

kwargs = { 'first_name__icontains':query}

I got no errors can anybody tell me what's the difference between them ??


You have a space before the close quote; delete it.


I had this very error. It turns out I had the "icontains" lookup twice, once explicit and a second one that I appended to every field. Removing the second lookup fixed the problem.

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