var J_lis = $(".display");

//J_lis.length = 4;

function test(){}

test.prototype._create = function(){

test.prototype._loop = function(){

test.prototype._set = function(){
var that = this;

  var setSrc = this.src;
  var setId = this.id;
    setTimeout(function() {
      that._loop(setId, setSrc);
    }, (g+1)*2000);
}).promise().done(function () { alert("Everything is done."); });

I have a already set a timeout inside a each, I want the function to go each by each and each set a time for 2000, so it will create one by one, problem now is, I need to make sure the last each finish load prototype_loop and then i need to set a other function after all is done, something like jQuery promise

Process of function

display(wait for 2000)
display(wait for 2000)
display(wait for 2000)
display(wait for 2000)

Confirm the last display loaded and set a function for it.

How do I get going to achieve that? jQuery promise just won't work here.

  • function test(){}, text.prototype, typo? – Carl Markham Feb 11 '17 at 20:29
  • oh sorry i will edit back. – dee cheok Feb 11 '17 at 20:34

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