Colleagues, following situation: I'm trying to develop application which works with a BLE sensor (BLE112). I was provided with a current applicaiton which works from Desktop PC and includes BT/USB dongle which installs itself as virtual com port.

Now something I just do not get: the dongle finds the sensor and can connect to it. But the sensor is not visible to any scan programm as BLE device - I cannot see it.

How can it be? From what I know BLE device must advertise itself in order to be able to connect with it. So because the dongle can connect, it should be advertising itself, but it's not visible!

  • What do you mean with "the dongle finds the sensor and can connect to it"? How can you connect to something you don't even see? – Thern Feb 13 '17 at 8:55

Ok, mystery solved: in this setup the dongle turned out to be a periperial device which advertises itself, and then the sensor connects to it. Thanks everyone!

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