I am converting my HTML page into AMP Pages. I have seen test url https://validator.ampproject.org/#. This page is validate from AMP.

Screen Shot for Help: enter image description here

But When I used External Css.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/materialize/0.98.0/css/materialize.min.css">

Then It will fail.

Screen Shot For help. enter image description here

Then how can I access materialize css file. Because I am using Materialize Ui framework in my website.

But I have read also about

 <style amp-custom> </style>

SO AMP validate page suggest include inline css in amp-custom. But materialize css is so long. It will break in some mobile browsers. Because https://github.com/ampproject/amphtml/issues/4555

If anybody have some idea then please share.

  • This doesn't appear to have anything to do with AMP. {% %} is some syntax that is used by several template engines. You haven't told us which one you are using, how you are running it, or what the output from it is. – Quentin Feb 13 '17 at 9:57
  • @Quetine. I am not using any template.{%include " /main.min.css"%}file but not using any refrence like href. – V SH Feb 13 '17 at 10:01
  • @Quentine. I want only load external css file through <style amp-custom> Is it possible? – V SH Feb 13 '17 at 10:03
  • (1) That isn't how you spell my handle. It's on the screen in front of you and Stackoverflow does tab completion. (2) I am not using any template — What do you think is processing {% %} then? (3) external css file through <style amp-custom> Is it possible — No. – Quentin Feb 13 '17 at 10:05
  • Hi @Quentin. I am also finding the discovery of that css include a little confusing. In looking at the example I can't see a template being used so what processor would make this work? Until now I have been using the inline styles as instructed but if there is a method to use an include, even if it renders inline css on serving the page that would be preferrable. – K7Buoy Feb 14 '17 at 9:27

External Style Stylesheets are forbidden in AMP. You must include the CSS declaration self (up to 10.000 lines) between. This is for save time by additional network request and blocking rendering.

<style amp-custom>
  • But it is not working in all mobile devices and browsers. It is breaking in some browsers.Page is not rendered properly, Like ugly page render(some text of css) – V SH Feb 13 '17 at 13:02
  • if you are aware with Opera browser, Then It will not work. – V SH Feb 13 '17 at 13:03
  • Try <style> without amp-custom. Is this working? If not then looks like something unsupported in the css for Opera. If is works check what the amp v0.js changes add to your style. – Lovntola Feb 13 '17 at 13:17
  • There is no differend if you load a external Stylesheet or include in the HTML. And external stylsheet are forbidden in AMP. – Lovntola Feb 17 '17 at 8:49
  • SOOOORY, i see now the include, i was by link. SORRY. – Lovntola Feb 17 '17 at 8:52

currently there is no support for external css in Accelerated mobile pages. Although you can use inline css which was not allowed earlier. So you have to compromise with the css.

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