I have a question regarding Eclemma plugin configuration: In production code I have a lot of java core assertions, like:

assert arr.size() == 2 : "message";

When I am running Eclemma on my unit tests, it shows low coverage because of yellow marks on assertions. Idea of placing asserts is not to have possibilities to end up with negative-case of the assertion (It should never happen!), they are just code quality guards, nothing more. But Eclemma in the other hand, thinks that these negative cases are not covered branches of the statement (which is marazmatic :) ), therefore it marks them yellow.

So, The question is: How can I configure Eclemma to ignore "assert" code lines in the coverage report?

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    It seems to be a bug in EclEmma, and it has not been resolved yet. – Mykhailo Kovalskyi Feb 13 '17 at 11:24

EclEmma - is Eclipse plugin based on Java Code Coverage Library called JaCoCo. JaCoCo performs analysis of bytecode, and unfortunately doesn't have yet filtering for the bytecode that compiler generates for assert.

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