When I run debug using IntelliJ IDEA:

enter image description here

there comes an issue:

It is possible to bind and connect to localhost:1099
at the same time - application server will probably compete with some other software on the port

Application Server was not connected before run configuration stop, reason: javax.management.InstanceNotFoundException: Catalina:type=Server

And it did not open the broswer.

My Tomcat7 configuration is below:

enter image description here


Try a new vanilla Tomcat installation with unmodified configuration, configure IDEA to use this installation instead of the current one.

Some config or startup script modifications can break IDE integration.

Also check if the problem can be reproduced with the latest IntelliJ IDEA version, a related bug was fixed recently.


I restart my IntelliJ IDEA and Tomcat resolved this problem.

1) Restart IntelliJ IDEA
2) Restart Tomcat
3) Restart Mac


Kill the process of Java, probably there's another instance of java running and it's conflicting to the recent java instance.

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