In Chrome browser - Chrome developer tools - Network - I can show only POST requests by putting "method:POST" in the Filter editbox. What filter should I use in order to see both PATCH and POST requests?


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Filter option is quite powerful but it's limited to only using AND (conjunction). So simple workaround would be to use negatives... For instance in your case you could create filter like this:

-method:GET -method:OPTIONS -method:PUT

This should filter out most of the requests. If you have other offending HTTP verbs you can easily add them.

  • Surprisingly... this works with Firefox too! (I am using ver 58). – Rosdi Kasim Mar 13 '18 at 6:27

Unfortunately, you can't filter on multiple HTTP methods, or multiple pre-defined filters in general, such as using both method and domain.

You also can't mix a pre-defined filter and a normal text based one, as I discovered when answering How to filter by both text and property in Chrome DevTool's network panel?

You will have to filter one at a time, or alternatively if there's a lot of requests, you could export the HAR and filter based on the JSON output. I gave an example of parsing the JSON here if that helps.

Export HAR

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