I want that the qemu window after opening and showing the output automatically closes after running pintOS

Like when i run the command pintos -- run alarm-multiple in tcsh shell, qemu displays that process begins ,then some alarm-notifications and then the process ends, but after that the qemu window won't close

I want to exit the window after successful completion of my system call.

  • This indicates your pintOS doesn't exit properly. Make sure it exits properly i.e. return to it's parent. – rakib_ Feb 13 '17 at 16:40
  • I guess, you haven't read my problem properly. I want the qemu window to close automatically, there is no problem in pintOS. – Alfran Feb 13 '17 at 16:50


The new solution

Here is another better solution that will work for both pintos run ... and make grade

add this line to devices/shutdown.c :: shutdown_power_off(void) before the loop.

outw( 0x604, 0x0 | 0x2000 ); 

The old Solution

For the newer versions of qemu you need to run it with the option

-device isa-debug-exit

Which exits on any write to an IO port, by default it's 0x501

i.e in your pintos project under the src/utils directory you will need to add one line to the pintos file in the run_qemu subroutine

sub run_qemu {
    print "warning: qemu doesn't support --terminal\n"
       if $vga eq 'terminal';
    print "warning: qemu doesn't support jitter\n"
       if defined $jitter;
    my (@cmd) = ('qemu-system-i386');

    push (@cmd, '-device', 'isa-debug-exit'); # <====== add this line
    push (@cmd, '-monitor', 'null') if $vga eq 'none' && $debug eq 'none';
    run_command (@cmd);

and in shutdown.c file under the devices directory add this line in the shutdown_power_off function after the for loop

for (p = s; *p != '\0'; p++)
    outb (0x8900, *p);

outb (0x501, 0x31); // <====== add this line

Qemu's exit code is double the value plus one, so there is no way to exit cleanly. Use 0x31 which should result in a qemu exit code of 0x63

finally run pintos with -q option

pintos -q run alarm-multiple
  • Note: this solution will not work for make grade see the comment below by @pranav3688 for a solution.
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    this works in general case, but fails when make grade is executed with qemu because it needs a clean exit (return code = 0 and not 0x63).... to remedy this, change line 896 of sub xsystem of pintos script to return 0 from return $? (which return 0x63 ) – pranav3688 Jan 7 '18 at 3:56
  • 1
    Yes, you are right. Actually, I also found another solution other than the one I wrote, you can just add this line => outw( 0x604, 0x0 | 0x2000 ); in /shutdown.c : shutdown_power_off(void) before the loop. Tell me if this works too, I will update the post for both solutions. – yakout Jan 7 '18 at 4:29

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