when I first published my app the certificate was created automatically Visual Studio. I keep my project in git, and the file is there added to the list .gitignore. I cloned your repository on another computer and are going to release the app update in the store, but I have no certificate. How can I get it again?


The StoreKey.pfx file will be automatically generated when you'll be creating the app package for the Store.

Or you can get it simply by associating your app with the Store using Project > Store > Associate app with the Store...

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    yes, its true! but I did not happen, and I understood why. It turns out the studio does not check the availability of the certificate in the file system and looks for the presence of references to the project. Only after I removed all mention of the .csproj then he recreated himself upon binding to the store!
    – beatsspam
    Feb 14 '17 at 5:33
  • Yes, more detail info, please refer to Packaging UWP apps. Feb 14 '17 at 5:49
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    More specifically, you have to delete the PackageCertificateThumbprint and PackageCertificateKeyFile elements in the csproj file. Then associate the app with Store again and it will generate a new pfx.
    – Edgar
    May 8 '17 at 20:01
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    did that and no store pfx showed up... in any folders. very annoying.
    – James Esh
    Nov 21 '19 at 22:30
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    Yeah it seems like this no longer generates the certificate... how are we supposed to get the Store certificate for building with Azure DevOps? Nov 26 '19 at 16:59

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