I'm using Xamarin.Forms with Prism and a Master/Detail to create a "hamburger" menu. When the app runs, I navigate to NavigationService.NavigateAsync("MyMasterDetailPage/MyNavigationPage/MainPage");

I have items in the Master flyout menu for navigating to other pages. So I tap one and navigate to MyNavigationPage/SyncPage. At this point, if I hit the back button on Android, the app closes. Instead, I'd like to navigate back to the MainPage. I tried to hook into OnNavigatedFrom of the SyncPage to force navigation back to MainPage but the app is already closing by the time that event fires.


Implement the INavigationPageOptions interface on MyNavigationPage and set ClearNavigationStackOnNavigation = false

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    I changed ClearNavigationStackOnNavigation to false in MyNavigationPage. Now when the app starts up, it navigates to the MainPage but I have a back arrow instead of the hamburger icon. When I press the back arrow, it navigates to an empty page and then the back arrow changes to the hamburger icon. I then navigate to the sync page and get the back arrow again. Pressing the back arrow takes me to an empty page again and brings back the hamburger icon. – stackunderflows Feb 14 '17 at 15:56

I implemented a solution similar to what Brian suggested but had to add a check to return true if it's the first time through in order to work correctly.

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    Can you show an example? – John Jan 15 '18 at 12:27

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