How do I give read only permission for Operation Manager in Kylo to logged in user ?

Permission Setting

enter image description here

Ops Manager View

enter image description here

Logged in user is able to Fail/Abandon running job.

Thanks Shashi


I think that's a UI bug and those buttons shouldn't be displayed if you don't have administrator privileges. I tried duplicating your issue and it seems those buttons don't work without the Administer Operations privilege. I get the following error message:

An unexpected error occurred Access control violation: Not authorized to perform the action: Administer Operations

You can file a bug report to have the issue resolved in a future release: https://kylo-io.atlassian.net/

  • Thanks for logging the JIRA. This issue has been fixed now. The UI will not show the FAIL and ABANDON buttons if Administer Operations permission is not granted. – Jagrut Sharma May 18 '17 at 23:04

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