Is it possible to expand the number of characters used in the JobName column of the command sacct in SLURM?

For example, I currently have:

       JobID    JobName    Elapsed      NCPUS   NTasks      State 
------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- -------- ---------- 
12345      lengthy_na+   00:00:01         4         1      FAILED 

and I would like:

       JobID    JobName    Elapsed      NCPUS   NTasks      State 
------------ ---------- ---------- ---------- -------- ---------- 
12345      lengthy_name   00:00:01         4         1      FAILED 

You should use the format option, with:

sacct --helpformat

you'll see the parameters to show, for instance:

sacct --format="JobID,JobName%30"

will print the job id and the name up to 30 characters:

       JobID                        JobName
------------ ------------------------------
19009                                  bash
19010                             launch.sh
19010.0                     hydra_pmi_proxy
19010.1                     hydra_pmi_proxy

Now, you can to customize your own output.

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    do we really need to type this very long string everytime we want to see a list of running jobs and their full names? Not to mention that run-time and other details such as memory usage would require an even longer command – par Jul 30 '18 at 9:24
  • 3
    You can always use an alias... – Bub Espinja Jul 30 '18 at 10:29

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