I've set hotkey for opening quickfix window in my ~/.vimrc like this:

map <F9> vertical botright copen

(1) It works, But the window size is too narrow, how can I set the qfix window size to 60 within the same "map" statement? I don't wish to type extra commands after

(2) If I open it horizontally like

map <F10> copen

By default the quickfix window is 10 lines in hightly. How to set this size to 40, within the same "map" statement?


Try with these mappings:

noremap <F9>  :execute "vertical botright copen \| vertical resize 60"<cr>
noremap <F10> :execute "copen \| resize 40"<cr>


As @romaini stated in comment you still can achieve that effectively via:

noremap <F9> :vertical botright copen 60<cr>
noremap <F10> :copen 40<cr>

See :help copen

  • 2
    * useless use of :execute and * :40copen – romainl Feb 14 '17 at 9:29
  • Side effects of being night owl but still can be useful execute command. – Meninx - メネンックス Feb 14 '17 at 14:26

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