I want to create a custom HTML5 video player sort of like youtube. The seekbar is created using input type="range" and a custom slider thumb(round). Now, the problem; How to fill the lower half of seekbar with a color ?

  • Successfully done in FireFox. using -moz-range-progress

  • Microsoft edge also supports this, but now my slider thumb is not
    visible (just a bar and not the circle).using -ms-fill-lower.

  • Not supported in Chrome (headache!!).

I want to create it using only the input element. Thanks a lot in advance !!

  • Short answer .. you can't! If there's no cross-browser support, you can't magically create browser support, you have to find another way to do it, for instance with regular elements that look like a slider. Why not just look at the source code for some players that do what you want, and see how they solved it. – adeneo Feb 14 '17 at 8:30
  • yeah !! .. I guess thats what i have to do now. Thanks for your time. – Shalin Feb 14 '17 at 10:13

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