I am developing Xamarin.Forms project, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

My app ask the user to enter text Message and Phone number then on submit, I need to send SMS to the phone number.

I prefer to have a single implementation for all platforms.

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You can use this open source plugin Xam.Plugins.Messaging https://github.com/cjlotz/Xamarin.Plugins

This is the provided example (from https://github.com/cjlotz/Xamarin.Plugins/blob/master/Messaging/Details.md ) :

// Make Phone Call
var phoneDialer = CrossMessaging.Current.PhoneDialer;
if (phoneDialer.CanMakePhoneCall) 

// Send Sms
var smsMessenger = CrossMessaging.Current.SmsMessenger;
if (smsMessenger.CanSendSms)
   smsMessenger.SendSms("+27213894839493", "Well hello there from Xam.Messaging.Plugin");

var emailMessenger = CrossMessaging.Current.EmailMessenger;
if (emailMessenger.CanSendEmail)
    // Send simple e-mail to single receiver without attachments, bcc, cc etc.
    emailMessenger.SendEmail("to.plugins@xamarin.com", "Xamarin Messaging Plugin", "Well hello there from Xam.Messaging.Plugin");

    // Alternatively use EmailBuilder fluent interface to construct more complex e-mail with multiple recipients, bcc, attachments etc. 
    var email = new EmailMessageBuilder()
      .Bcc(new[] { "bcc1.plugins@xamarin.com", "bcc2.plugins@xamarin.com" })
      .Subject("Xamarin Messaging Plugin")
      .Body("Well hello there from Xam.Messaging.Plugin")

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Microsoft now has this feature in their new all-encompasing https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/essentials NuGet package.

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