hi I have the following block of test code (test lab).

client_mac = 'f8:cf:c5:a4:a2:84'
# issue a command1
my_command_output1 = my_wlc_session.sendcommand("grep include f8:cf:c5:a4:a2:84 \"show client summary\" \n")
# print the output
# issue a command2
my_command_output2 = my_wlc_session.sendcommand("grep include %s \"show client summary\" \n") % client_mac
# print the output

Command1 works as expected.

But command2 is the issue. I want some way of passing the client_mac to the command, but the code I am using results in this;

TypeError: not enough arguments for format string

I think this is something to do with the /n , but I need a 2nd new-line after the command for it to be executed.

Is there a better way of passing the client_mac? Or am I doing something else wrong.


Your code problem is here:

("grep include %s \"show client summary\" \n") % client_mac

Your % client_mac is supposed to be inside the parenthesis with the string you are formatting it into ("grep include %s \"show client summary\" \n").

The error means you specified a format string (%s) but did not include the variable to insert (because it was outside the parenthesis, and therefore, not part of the expression).

Re-reading your question, I believe the source of your confusion is that you thought you were passing multiple arguments to your function. You are actually just passing a single argument, a string (which you are formatting to include the client_mac).


Your closing parenthesis seems to be in the way. Try:

my_command_output2 = my_wlc_session.sendcommand("grep include %s \"show client summary\" \n" % client_mac)

While you're at it, the new .format() is becoming more popular, and makes bugs like this a little easier to notice. That'd look like:

my_command_output2 = my_wlc_session.sendcommand("grep include {} \"show client summary\" \n".format(client_mac))

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