Is there any way to connect python spyder with github?

I manage my R scripts via github, because R provides with interfaces that enables users to commit, pull and push, but I wonder if there is same(or similar) system in python(x,y) spyder.

I want to manage my python scripts with github, not just locally editing my codes and manually write change logs on my hand every time...


A command line git has been integrated into Spyder.


First right click the tab corresponding to any file in your repository and click "set console working directory."

Then go to the Ipython window in Spyder and simply type your git commands (assuming Git is installed and its paths are configured properly) but append a "!" to the beginning of your command:

!git add "file.py"
!git commit -m "My commit"
!git push origin master

(Spyder developer here) I'm sorry but right now (February 2017) there's no integration between Spyder and Git/Github.

Besides, there are no concrete plans to add this support. We could it in a year or year and a half.

Related issue on github: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder/issues/816


+1 @betontalpfa. For me, I wanted to put a local file to an existing Github.com repository through Spyder ipython console.

So, instead of clicking "set console working directory", I just did the following in ipython console within Spyder (I'm on Mac OSX Mojave, and have installed Xcode already from the Appstore):

  • Init working directory as a git directory

    !git init
  • Pull existing repository to merge with files you want to push

    !git remote add origin https://github.com/myUserName/sample.git
  • Add the file to local git

    !git add temp.py
  • Push the file to github.com

    !git push -u origin master
  • I think the answer is fine. Its just using the terminal within Spyder to interact with git. – SriK Mar 17 '19 at 17:40

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