Having a bit of trouble generating an NxN matrix in Mathematica. Given the value of N, I need to construct the NxN matrix that looks like the following:

NxN matrix

N = Input["Enter value for N:"];
matrix = ConsantArray[0,{N,N}];
Do[matrix[[i,j]] =   **"???"**  ,{i,N}, {j,N}]
matrix // Matrix Form

Not sure in what should go as my statement in Do-Loop. Any help would appreciate it.


You could create a 1D array [1 ... n2] and then reshape or partition it to a matrix.

matrix = ArrayReshape[Range[n^2], {n, n}]

(* also works: *)
matrix = Partition[Range[n^2], n]

a couple more ways.

matrix=Table[j+(i-1) n,{i,n},{j,n}]

matrix=Array[#2+(#1-1) n &,{n,n}]

the Table form should give a clue how to fix your Do as well, but that's usually a poor approach performance-wise.

do not use capital N by the way its a reserved symbol.

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