I'm having trouble fixing one issue with checkbox on IOS browsers. I always get a black check icon with a black square around it (picture). This only happens on IOS browsers.

I'm using

 -webkit-appearance: none;
 -moz-appearance: none;
 appearance: none; 

Any ideas? Anyone had the same problem?

enter image description here

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    Please share your code (HTML, CSS)
    – Sebastian
    Feb 15, 2017 at 8:24

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I tried several ways to fix it, but in the end I tried one simple thing and it worked... I change the SVG that I was using. Just added white background on the SVG image and it worked!

Thanks for the help anyways :)


Shot in the dark, since I can't access and play with your code, but try doing:

input[type='checkbox']:checked {
  -webkit-appearance: none;

Might work, idk. If not, some source code would be nice.

input[type='checkbox'] {
    background-color: transparent;

Setting background-color to transparent solved this for me.

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