I'm using Rails and wanted to convert a float to currency. I'm using number_to_currency in a Sidekiq Worker, so I've added include ActionView::Helpers::NumberHelper in the file and where I want the conversion I've added the following:

number_to_currency(value, unit: '', delimeter: '.', separator: ',')

And I wanted the result something like: 1.200,09 but its not working. An example of values I have and want to convert is: 1001.4290000000004 which should be converted to 1.001,43. I've also tried:

number_to_currency(final_total, unit: '', delimeter: ',', separator: '.')

And still doesn't work. I'm getting is 1,200.09. I'm using Rails 4.2.x

What am I missing here?

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If you want get result like this 1001.4290000000004 => 1,001.43, you can use this method:

number_with_delimiter(value , delimiter: ",", separator: ".")

But befor u need convert value to the desired value:

value = 1001.4290000000004.round(2) #=> 1001.43 

You just have a typo in word delimiter. It should be as follows:

number_to_currency(value, unit: '', delimiter: '.', separator: ',')

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