What is the easiest way to draw simple graphics using F# ?

I want to visualize a dynamic system (a simplified sample of my use case would be a red square going from one side of the screen to the other at a speed of one pixel per frame) so I need a way to draw simple geometric shapes.
As I will update the picture on a regular basis, a mechanism to avoid flickering will probably be needed.

The standard solution appears to be System.Drawing. I put together a working solution but the code is overly complex (it seems to require System.Windows.Forms, is there no direct way to put graphics in a windows ?), not great for a simple task, which led me to think that a better tool probably exists.

Am I doing something wrong, is there a simple way to draw and update pictures with System.Drawing? Or is there a library out there that better fits my needs ?

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    I'm not sure I fully understand the question. How important to you is cross-platform?Do you want to create a desktop app or something in browser or it's doesn't matter? – FoggyFinder Feb 15 '17 at 21:07
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    About the second part, I think System.Drawing is platform dependent element. But most likely you can get rid of the flicker. – FoggyFinder Feb 15 '17 at 21:09
  • I just simplified my question to make it clearer. Cross platform is not required (It is for personnal use and I have both a windows and a linux) however it would be more practical. (I did manage to get rid of the flicker but the solution is still not great) – Nestor Demeure Feb 16 '17 at 10:41
  • If I were you I'd probably try one of the simpler 2D graphics libs. SDL has a few .net compatible wrappers floating around and has a pretty straightforward API. – JerKimball Aug 21 '20 at 13:42

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